Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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I can't help but notice a few different items that seem to be the CRAZE for classrooms this year. As many other teachers, I am jumping on the bandwagon and using these ideas in my classroom too.

(All items are from my Pinterest board: CLASSROOM)

1. Tissue paper flowers
These are so CUTE! and are great for adding detail but not too much.

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I am doing a CIRCUS theme so my flowers will be red, yellow and blue. I'm thinking I'll hang them over my reading corner.

2. Scrunchy Border Trim
Instead of using the borders from the teacher store, I've seen this idea all over lately.

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According to the sweet lady at Schoolgirl Style, she suggests keeping the same bulletin board colors throughout all boards in the room. I love this idea and will be doing it.

3. I know I said I am doing a CIRCUS theme I have noticed that a lot of teachers are moving away from the normal classroom theme and just picking accent colors. If I were to do this next year, I would do green, blue and brown as my colors.

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As you can see in this picture, she is using number one and two on my list. LOVE her classroom (and it was all put together for UNDER $25.00!!) I need her to come visit my classroom.

4. Brightly Colored Bunting
I found a great tutorial on how to make this bunting from The Inspired Apple and will be creating my own this week.

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Really like how it incorporated all colors used throughout the classroom and helps cover that unused space.

5. Covering tables with Fabric
This table looks so inviting AND you can hide supplies under the fabric so it's out of sight.

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I'll do this to one of my tables but I'm not sure what color fabric or what table.

Once I complete all of the projects above, I will post a before/after photo of my classroom.


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